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v4.1.0 (Beta)

pre-release28 days ago


  • QEMU backend updated to v7.1.0
  • (iOS) TrollStore build (UTM.HV.ipa) now supports JIT. Additionally, there is now in-app settings.


  • iOS 14 and macOS 11.3 are the minimum supported systems for UTM v4.x. Please use UTM v3.x for support down to iOS 11 and macOS 11
  • The configuration backend has been massively rewritten. Please backup all VMs prior to updating as you will not be able to re-open VMs saved by UTM v4 on older versions of UTM if you decide to downgrade.

Changes (v4.1.0)

  • Updated QEMU to v7.1.0
  • Updated ANGLE and virglrenderer to latest commit
  • Fixed an issue where user override of machine property settings was not applied properly
  • Localization: updated Japanese (thanks @MMP0)
  • Localization: updated Spanish (Latin America) (thanks @JezerM)
  • (iOS) Added in-app settings popover which synchronizes with the Settings app (useful for TrollStore installs where the Settings app page is inaccessible) (#4446)
  • (iOS) TrollStore: support JIT without needing a separate JIT enabler (thanks @PojavLauncherTeam for the idea)


Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.


UTM.debJailbroken iOS versionOpen in Cydia, dpkg, or SileoYesYes(1)Yes
UTM.dmgmacOS versionMounting and copying to /ApplicationsYesYesYes
UTM.ipaNon-jailbroken iOS version (sideloading)AltStore, etc (see guide)Yes(2)NoNo
UTM.HV.ipaNon-jailbroken iOS version (TrollStore)TrollStoreYesYes(1)Yes
UTM.SE.ipaNon-jailbroken iOS version (sideloading)AltStore, enterprise signing, etcNoNoNo
  1. Hypervisor on iOS requires an M1 iPad.
  2. Enabling JIT may require a separate JIT enabler such as Jitterbug or Jitstreamer.

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