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Visit for the most up to date installation instructions.


  • Wizard for VM creation: Easily create a new VM with the correct default settings with a guided step-by-step wizard. Preview:
  • QEMU v6.2.0: Updated QEMU backend to the latest release. Full changelog:
  • (iOS 13+) New toolbar: The new toolbar is much more compact and friendly for smaller displays. It is also now movable and does not interfere with the iOS 15 multitasking button on the top center of the screen. Preview:
  • (macOS 12+, ARM64) Virtualize macOS 12: New integration with Apple's Virtualization.framework backend allows native hardware accelerated virtualization of macOS 12 (supporting both CPU and GPU virtualization). UTM can also download the latest macOS IPSW directly from Apple. (This is only supported on macOS 12+ running on an ARM64 Mac.)
  • (macOS 11+) Virtualize Linux with Apple backend: You now have the option to use Apple's Virtualization.framework to virtualize Linux. Note that while there are some performance benefits, it is still recommended to use the QEMU backend as it is more stable, has more device support (including graphical display), and is easier to configure.


  • The default CPU for ARM64 virtual machine has changed from cortex-a72 to default. This is the recommended option and you should change your existing VMs to use it. When using virtualization on M1(X) macOS, the cortex-a72 CPU is known to have compatibility issues which causes the VM to sometimes freeze (including during Windows install). default will use the host CPU model when virtualization is used and cortex-a72 when emulation is used.
  • The GL hardware acceleration support is now marked experimental to highlight that it is not stable. It is also no longer the default option. If you are experiencing lots of crashes, make sure that you chose a display hardware that is not marked as "GPU Supported".

Changes (v3.0.0)

  • Added VM creation wizard
  • Updated QEMU to v6.2.0
  • Updated ANGLE to latest commit
  • Updated virglrenderer to latest commit (this may fix #2743)
  • Added default and host CPU option for ARM64 virtual machines. This will be the default for newly created VMs.
  • The downloader will no longer perform CRC checks on the ZIP file and this will significantly speed up extraction.
  • (iOS 13+) Redesigned toolbar (#496)
  • (macOS) Redesigned VM settings
  • (macOS) Fix crash moving drives (#3117)
  • (macOS) Make HVF per-VM configurable (#2493)
  • (macOS) Add Apple Virtualization.framework backend
  • (macOS) New Terminal frontend with SwiftTerm, currently only used with Apple backend on macOS
  • (macOS) Apple Virtualization supports virtual serial port through PTY device


Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

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