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15 months ago


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New Features (Summary)

  • Improved support for SPARC and S390x
  • Updated macOS icon thanks to a real designer (@JackHinkle)


  • Fixed crash when trying to pause a GL accelerated VM (#3207)
  • Configuration should reset more settings when changing architecture
  • Fixed UTM exit when deleting a VM
  • Fixed an incorrect mapping of removable drives causing an error "device not removable" when drives are moved around.
  • On ARM64 virt systems, use the virtual USB 3.0 bus for the virtual DVD drive, should improve read times and fix some Windows installer issues (#3194) (thanks @conath)
  • Fixed a crash booting OpenBSD (#3197) (thanks @agraf)
  • Fixed a crash caused by a race condition when an error occurs during VM launch
  • (macOS) Keyboard mapping accidentally swapped left/right Cmd and Option (#3175) (thanks @zeldin)
  • (macOS) Removed "beep" when pressing Cmd+key while mouse is not captured (#3217)
  • (macOS) Pass Ctrl+Tab to VM even when not captured because it is a common shortcut. VoiceOver users can use VO+Arrow to navigate.
  • (macOS) Unhide cursor when alert prompt shows up
  • (macOS) Fixed crash when trying to share a VM (#3208)

Known Issues

Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

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