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13 months ago


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  • Fixed QEMU issue causing crash running x86 Windows on M1 (thanks @kwhr0) (#2630)
  • Fixed crash due to bad drive id (#2614)
  • Properly delete imported/created drives on a new VM when canceled out (#2576)
  • Fixed bad CPU core configuration on SPARC (#2651)
  • Improvement to zh-Hant translation (thanks @pan93412) (#2595)
  • Fixed an unusable CD drive always showing up in Windows x86 (thanks @conath) (#2538)
  • (macOS) Fixed an issue with auto resolution changing with SPICE installed (#2587)
  • (macOS) Fixed a crash when starting a VM after shutting down (#2622)
  • (macOS) New global setting to (try to) only use performance cores: when set, if a VM does not manually specify a core count, instead of using the maximum number of cores on the system, UTM will use only the number of performance cores. Note this does not guarantee only the performance cores are used but only that the number of cores seen by the guest is lower. (#2557)
  • (macOS) Fixed screen tearing/glitches on Windows and improved framebuffer rendering performance (#2569)
  • (macOS) When SPICE tools are not properly set up, attempting to resize the window will now "revert" the size if the resolution does not get changed by the guest.
  • (iOS) Fixed crash when launching with Jitterbug or other imobiledevice tools
  • (iOS) Fixed Cydia install on iOS 11 (#2618)

Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

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