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UTM 2.0 includes a redesign of the frontend for iOS 14 and introduces support for macOS 11. Due API limitations, the new design will not be available for iOS 13 and below. That means any feature that depends on the new design will also not be back-ported to iOS 13. Launching UTM 2.0 on iOS 14 will show the new design and launching UTM 2.0 on iOS 13 and below will show the old design.

iOS 14 unfortunately patched the ptrace() exploit that allowed UTM to run side-loaded on non-jailbroken devices. UTM 2.0 running on iOS 14 requires either jailbreaking or tethering to the Xcode debugger (launch directly from Xcode). To better support future iOS releases, we are deprecating support for non-jailbroken devices. This means that future features may depend on jailbreak and "legacy" UTM will no longer get priority for new features.

As always, please report all bugs to Github

Changes (All)

  • QEMU updated from 4.2.0 to 5.1.0
  • Removable drives and changing discs while VM is running (#109)
  • Tap to right click with Apple Pencil 2 (#297) thanks @conath

Changes (iOS 14 only)

  • Brand new UI for the home view and configuration views
  • Advanced mode: bypass QEMU arguments generated by configuration and pass args directly (#381)
  • Jailbroken devices can use more JIT memory (#67)
  • Sort VMs on home view (#356)

Bug Fixes

  • Sound issues in older OS versions fixed by latest QEMU (#345)
  • Race condition in UTMQemuManager (#178)
  • Fail gracefully when creating a VM with an invalid name (#210)

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