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20 months ago

UTM 2.0 includes a redesign of the frontend for iOS 14 and introduces support for macOS 11. Due API limitations, the new design will not be available for iOS 13 and below. That means any feature that depends on the new design will also not be back-ported to iOS 13. Launching UTM 2.0 on iOS 14 will show the new design and launching UTM 2.0 on iOS 13 and below will show the old design. UTM 2.0 also updates the QEMU backend from 4.2.0 to 5.2.0 (for all supported iOS versions).

Installation instructions differ depending on what version of iOS you are running:

  • iOS 11-13: You can install and run UTM using any version of AltStore (recommended) or iOS App Signer.
  • iOS 14: You must either be jailbroken or follow the tethered launch instructions every time you launch UTM. Note that the jailbroken instructions are currently outdated. If you have a good guide, please let us know.
  • iOS 14.2: You can use either AltStore (>= 1.4.2) or iOS App Signer. Note A11 and older devices are not supported by this method and must be jailbroken or use tethered launch.

As always, please report all bugs to Github


  • QEMU updated to v5.1.0 release with v4 of @agraf's hypervisor patches for M1
  • Update Korean localization (thanks @obbcth)
  • Default clipboard sharing setting to on for 'pc' and 'virt' targets on new VMs (SPICE tools still required)
  • (macOS) Default hypervisor to on. Note: this overrides any previous setting due to confusion caused by a bug in the last release where the settings dialog shows hypervisor on while it is actually off. This also changes the wording of the setting so checking the box now disables hypervisor. This is to align with the idea that default = off position in the settings.
  • (macOS) Disable pause button when hypervisor is used (pausing is not supported by QEMU)
  • (macOS) Fix various issues closing+reopening a VM window
  • (macOS) Fix a crash if VM was resized and then re-opened (#1203)
  • (iOS) Fix invalid TB size from config value (#1214)

Known Issues

  • Cannot import any drives/ISO: there is a bug in iOS where an invalid "application-identifier" entitlement causes the file picker to not work. A fix for iOS App Signer is submitted and can be manually compiled. If you are using AltStore, you need use a free (not paid) developer account.
  • Starting a VM goes to a black screen on iOS 14: you need to sign UTM with a "development" certificate. If you used a 3rd party signing service, it is probably signed with the wrong certificate. If you signed UTM yourself, make sure you chose a "development" certificate and in iOS App Signer, "No get-task-allow" is unchecked.

Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

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