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pre-release2 years ago

For the next few months, expect only bug fixes and minor tweaks. PLEASE help us by submitting any issues you find on Github (after searching).



  • Removed force drive type to "virtio" for "virt" machines (#324) NOTE: This breaks many ARM VMs that depended on this behaviour (including the official ArchLinux image). Those will boot into a black screen. To fix, you need to modify the drive and set the "Location" from "sd" (or whatever) to "virtio".
  • Display version number in config (#328)
  • A warning message is displayed when saving a suspend image is not supported (#310) NOTE: You must have a qcow2 disk image to use suspend. If you only have ISO and/or RAW images, suspend/resume will not work.
  • Removed the option to create RAW images. NOTE: this created a lot of confusion because 1) suspend/resume didn't work (see above) and 2) there is no performance benefit against "compressed" (qcow2) images. There is also an incorrect assumption that "compressed" images will auto-compress the data. That is incorrect, as it only compresses the initial data of all zeros.
  • Added an option to set machine properties manually for those who need it (#313) NOTE: Most do not need to touch this new option. It's only use right now is a workaround for mac99 VMs that need to set via=pmu-adb on some older versions of MacOS.
  • Added more keys to the keyboard strip including "page down" needed for installing older versions of Windows (#323)
  • Improved debug logging to save more log entries

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed on-screen keyboard broken in RC2 (#329)
  • Fixed issue where UTM attempts to resume a VM that has no suspend image (#280)
  • Fixed Ctrl+C in console mode (#327)
  • Fixed a rare crash on background-to-foreground (#335)
  • Fixed an issue where in some instances switching cursor input type (direct<->indirect) did not work (#298)
  • Fixed an issue where the cursor is misaligned when SPICE is installed (#300)
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard strip is too tall or short after an external keyboard is plugged in or removed (#333)

Known Issues

Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

Other Information

iOS 13.5 is out. While UTM supports iOS 13.5 and currently does not use the "Psychic Paper" sandbox escape, we still encourage anyone who does not need iOS 13.5 features to stay on stock iOS 13.4.x because we may develop a fork in the future with features that require either sandbox escape or jailbreak.

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