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pre-release2 years ago

UTM is now feature complete! 🎉 For the next few months, expect only bug fixes and minor tweaks. PLEASE help us by submitting any issues you find on Github (after searching).

New Features

  • iPadOS 13.4: touchpad scroll gesture and right click as well as mouse middle and right click. UTM is ready to support Magic Keyboard on day one!
  • Added inertia to scrolling. Includes scroll wheel emulation from touch gestures and gamepad joystick.

Bug Fixes

  • Shared directory not working (#265). Note that previously, we advertised support for shared directories outside the app sandbox. This feature has been moved to a future milestone as it requires much more work. As a result, v1.0 will only support shared directory inside the app sandbox.
  • Bug in additional arg parsing broke args with spaces (#266)
  • Gamepad thumbstick does not move the mouse cursor if the thumbstick is locked in place (#262)
  • When "retina mode" is enabled, device rotation does not change resolution (#275)
  • On iPads, device rotation does not change resolution (#275)

Known Issues

  • Note that USB/BT mouse scroll wheel does not work well but this seems to be an iOS issue in general.
  • Many issues in console mode. In v1.0, those bugs will not be fixed.

Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

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