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🐰🥚🔔 Happy Easter!

New Features

  • Shared directory: select a directory to access from the VM. On iOS 13, you can select any directory on the system while on older versions you can access any directory in UTM's sandbox. Requires SPICE guest WebDAV tools installed.
  • Background mode: using location services to run in the background. Please note that iOS kills any background process that uses too much CPU.
  • Graphics mode: add option to change scaler
  • Graphics mode: add option to auto-change resolution to device screen (requires SPICE guest tools)
  • Console mode: change font, font size, and cursor blink
  • Gamepad support: control VM with a controller (thanks @js-john)

Bug Fixes

  • Crash when attempting to add port forward on iPad (#239)
  • Add via=pmc for Mac PPC emulation (#236)
  • Debug log not flushed on crash (#194)
  • S3 sleep causes display to stop working (#235)
  • New VMs will now have a static UUID (#224)
  • System settings: memory usage alerts now at 50% total RAM as discovered by experiments (#120)
  • Timezone incorrect in Windows (#246)
  • Arrow keys do not work in aarch64 (thanks @lshzh-ww) (#188)
  • Updated zh-Hans translation (thanks @js-john)

Known Issues

Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

Other Information

UTM is almost feature complete! All the configuration pages are now working and all major features are implemented. At this point, bug fixing is the main priority. The next series of releases will be RC (release candidate) builds where no new features will be introduced. Please help us by reporting any bug you may find in Github.

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