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pre-release2 years ago

New Features

  • Console mode: boot without GUI into a Terminal (thanks @fredyshox)
  • iPadOS 13.4 touchpad support for VM (thanks @conath)
  • Added ko-KR translation (thanks @obbcth)
  • Implemented advanced network settings including port forwarding
  • Share clipboard between guest and iOS. Requires SPICE guest tools to be installed. Image support on Windows is limited to PNGs only.
  • Tweaked toolbar display on large screens (toolbar should be small)

Bug Fixes

  • DNS server requires manual setting on guests (#198)
  • Microphone access crashes UTM (#202)
  • Mouse not working in some Linux distributions (#203)

Known Issues

  • Microphone not working (although it no longer crashes) (#219)
  • Gestures do not work with iPadOS touchpad (#214)
  • Invalid settings (including advanced network settings) will cause VM to not launch
    Please check the full list on Github and help report any bug you find that is not listed.

Other Information

Note that when you update UTM, any suspended VM will not be compatible and will crash on the next boot. It is advised that you shut down all VMs before updating UTM to avoid using any unsaved data.

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