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pre-release3 years ago

New Features

  • Touchscreen/tablet mode (configure in Settings)
  • Apple Pencil support
  • Improved button contrast in toolbar and pause screen
  • iPadOS 13.4 touchpad navigation for home and VM toolbar
  • Specify image for BIOS, Linux Kernel/initrd/DTB
  • Configure sound card hardware to emulate

Bug Fixes

  • Do not attempt to restore VM if it failed before (#164)
  • Disable Save button if name is empty in configuration (#169)
  • Fixed paste function racing modifier keys (#163)
  • If QMP connection fails, will retry (#172)
  • Network disable from configuration implemented
  • Fixed some input issues booting aarch64

Known Issues

  • Keyboard arrow keys not working on aarch64 (#188)
  • Touchpad not working in VM (#176)

Other Information

We now have an AltStore repo at which will allow you to get update notifications. This is also the new preferred way of installing UTM on non-jailbroken devices.

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