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pre-release2 years ago

New Features

  • Pause/resume VM
  • Restart VM
  • Auto-save state on background and/or low memory warning
  • Preferences page for controlling auto-save and gestures
  • Configure gestures (change two finger tap, long press, etc)
  • Save display position/zoom automatically

Bug Fixes

  • Add delay in mouse up and key up events fixing broken cursor/keyboard in PPC/aarch64/others (#145)
  • Fix pasting long text (#151)
  • Rare crash due to texture buffer not being locked correctly (#23)
  • Fix issue of PPC QEMU trying not supporting QXL

Other Information

iOS 13.4 fixes the signing bug that prevents free accounts from signing UTM. You can now sign UTM every 7 days with a free developer account again.

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