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pre-release2 years ago

This release is focused on the configuration UI.

  • Better way of adding advanced QEMU options as a list (thanks @spotlightishere )
  • Fixed audio (AC97 guest drivers may need to be installed) (thanks @js-john )
  • Improved zh-Hans translation (thanks @js-john )
  • Fixed mouse hold & drag (broken in last release)
  • Added option to force multi-core TCG (ONLY for advanced users, this WILL break x86_64 emulation. For most people running i386/x86_64 there is no performance advantage for > 1 core! Any more cores will degrade performance!). Changed default core count to 1 for the same reason.
  • Added option to specify JIT cache size (allows more fine tuning with limited host memory, more JIT cache = faster execution, more guest RAM = more concurrent applications running)
  • Show available system memory, available system cores, and estimated memory usage for easier configuration
  • Added target machine picker. Fine tune emulation by specifying a target machine (like RPI3 for aarch64 for example). Default machine will be selected automatically which is the old behaviour.
  • Save the display state when VM is shut down: the zoom and position of the display as well as the visibility of the toolbar and keyboard
  • Debug logging: when enabled debug.log will be created in the .utm bundle. Can aid in debugging issues. You can also export the debug log easily from the configuration screen.
  • A warning message shows up now when attempting to change unimplemented configuration settings

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