github utmapp/UTM v0.4

latest releases: v4.1.5, v4.1.4, v4.1.3...
pre-release2 years ago
  • Reimplemented hardware keyboard support: includes arrow keys, modifier keys, etc
  • Two finger swipe up or down maps to mouse wheel up and down
  • Trigger network usage popup in Chinese region
  • Implemented deleting and cloning VM: long press on the icon in the list view to see the context popup
  • Show an error message when QEMU fails (instead of crashing)
  • Mouse acceleration & inertia: fast swipe moves mouse cursor farther
  • Mouse cursor shows up when QXL drivers are installed (can now install SPICE drivers on Windows and fixes mouse cursor not appearing in many Linux distros)
  • Prompt disk data to be deleted when a drive is removed

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