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pre-release3 years ago
  • Add zh-Hans language (thanks @Evsio0n )
  • Fixed an issue where on some jailbroken device with conflicting libraries installed, UTM refuses to launch even with a correct signature
  • Fixed an issue with toolbar icons overlapping and made size of toolbar icons more consistent (thanks @fredyshox )
  • Fixed dark mode keyboard if transition happens while keyboard was open
  • Redesigned the extra keys above the keyboard: larger keys on iPads, keys are visible above home screen bar, added a few extra keys
  • Fixed an issue where smart keys get triggered in some circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where predictive keyboard text does not get entered
  • Implemented hardware keyboard without needing to be activated with the keyboard button. Also allows hardware keyboard to work without the extra key strip active.
  • Implemented paste function in the keyboard
  • Fixed an issue where import disk image does not work on directories outside the UTM documents. (thanks @humboldtjs )
  • Implemented click-and-drag: long-press on the screen (0.5s) until you feel a click, then you can move the cursor to drag items.
  • Show an alert when low on memory
  • Show an alert when trying to launch a new VM
  • Added a new exit button on the home screen and a welcome message explaining the need for it (#32 ) for installation instructions.

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