github upbound/provider-terraform v0.15.0

latest release: v0.16.0-rc.0
25 days ago

The release v0.15.0 introduces:

  • Bug fix: TLS error using External Secret Store #228
  • Swaps the SYNCED and READY columns in the kubectl get workspace output so that they read left-to-right in the order that you would expect them to occur.
  • Updates of dependencies.

What's Changed

  • Make the terraform harness only use the rwmutex if the plugin cache is enabled by @toastwaffle in #240
  • Update alpine Docker tag to v3.19.1 by @renovate in #238
  • Update crossplane-runtime to 1.14.3, go to 1.20 and build submodule by @bobh66 in #235
  • Move SYNCED before READY in output by @bobh66 in #244
  • fix(ess): missing mtls injection by @DrummyFloyd in #246
  • Update module to v1.33.0 [SECURITY] by @renovate in #249

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v0.14.1...v0.15.0

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