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More Features

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15 months ago

New Features

  • Security: You can now add your UniFi controller SSL certificate to poller so it knows what to expect even though your cert is self-signed.
  • Adds the ability to collect UniFi Alarms, Anomalies, Events and IDS data. Can be sent to Loki and/or InfluxDB. Dashboards will not be updated with this data.
  • Temperature on USG4 are now collected. USG dashboards will be updated soon.
  • Adds support for UXG - 10Gb Security Gateway.
  • Adds SFP metrics for USW ports that have one installed. Dashboards are unlikely to get this data since I don't have any SFPs.
  • Returns the (selectable) ability to collect metrics for dead or disabled ports.
  • Adds Rogue AP metrics. The UAP dashboards will be updated soon.
  • Adds a built in web server that's not very useful. It may not stick around for long.


The current Linux installation instructions are wonderful, but they rely on JFrog Bintray. Unfortunately Bintray is shutting down in a few months and the linux packages will no longer be available there. New directions will be created once a reliable package repository host is identified and integrated.


Most of, if not all the dashboards will receive minor updates, bumping them to a minimum of Grafana 7.4.x. Keep an eye out for those updates in the next few weeks.


All documentation is moving to - it is maintained in - the documentation will also receive updates in the coming weeks. Thanks to @PianSom for putting that together! The wiki will be deprecated and locked with many links to the new docs home.


I expect this release to have some bugs, but I couldn't find any. 2.1.1 is probably right around the corner. Please let me know if you experience any problems!

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