github unpoller/unpoller v2.0.1

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2 years ago

This release provides a few bug fixes, a few small new features and some changes to the prometheus configs.

  • If you use prometheus, see the new docs for updates.
  • 7 dashboard updates, so be sure to download those after you install this.


See this PR for a more details: #240

  • Set timezone with TZ environment variable.
  • Fixes ARM64 docker builds.
  • Fixes macOS homebrew builds.
  • Adds temperatures for UDM.
  • Adds switch port data for UAP and UDM.
  • Can now read influxdb and unifi controller passwords from dedicated secrets files.
  • Defaults for save_ids, save_dpi and verify_ssl now properly apply.
  • Prints controller configuration information on startup.
  • Can redact (md5 hash) personal info: mac address and hostname.
  • Various bug fixes.
  • Prometheus scrape config format.

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