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2 years ago

This release adds a lot of features and a provides a handful of bug fixes. It also changes the data structure for Unifi access points in InfluxDB, so your graphs and dashboards will need a few updates. The Clients and UAP dashboards have gone through an overhaul to make them work better and provide better variable control. The old UAP dashboard will pretty much stop working with this new version, so be sure to import the new one from! All 5 dashboards have been updated, so be sure to download all the ones you need and use!

The list of changes is long, and I'm sure I'll miss some, but here goes:

  • The config file format is no longer restricted to just TOML. If you prefer YAML, or JSON or even XML you may simply name your config file with the appropriate file extension to parse the different format.
  • Switched to a newer (better maintained) TOML library (only used for config file).
  • Dashboards are moved out of the package and into This allows them to be updated independently of this application.
  • A new run-mode has been added. The application can start, collect metrics, report them to influx and exit. This mode is called "lambda" and is designed to run in an AWS Lambda (untested) or by a process scheduler (like crontab). See config file and manual page for more info about this mode.
  • RPM package will not overwrite up.conf now.
  • Homebrew file passes all audit tests now.
  • Makefile had a lot of updates. more and more.
  • 32 bit rpm and deb packages are built now (in addition to the existing 64 bit packages)
  • A 64-bit windows exe binary is available now. no package or installer available.
  • 32 bit arm packages for deb and rpm are now available. These are untested, please let me know if they work or not.
  • New script that automatically downloads (and optionally installs) the correct package for your system.
     curl | sudo bash
    • sudo is optional, and specifying it will install the package after downloading it to /tmp.

Juicy Stuff

I turned on the guest wifi network at my home and later realized all my network stats were missing in Grafana. It took me a while but I narrowed the problem down to how I was creating and filling the uap_radios table with data. Turns out, I was doing it all wrong. I have fixed the data, but in doing so I moved it to a new table since the structure is a bit a different. The new table is uap_vaps and basically contains entries for each wireless network that has clients. It's much better and actually contains all the wireless data. This breaks existing dashboards, so new ones have been made available. Your custom dashboards will need to be updated if they use data in the uap_radios table. A few field names changed, but it's not difficult to map them manually.

I also added some low-level data features by passing the UAP, USG and USW names into each client's data structure. This allows clients to be filtered by the devices they're connected to. The new dashboards take advantage of this.

All of the data structures for clients, usg, usw and uap have been updated to UniFi 5.10.25. This includes some new information; yay! It also means some old info was no longer there and got removed. That's okay though, none of the removed things seemed important. A lot more data was added than removed, and is now available in Influx.

After you install this version

...go install the updated dashboards. ALL OF THEM are updated.

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