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Exit on Error!

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3 years ago
  • Adds a new feature that causes the poller to exit when an error occurs. This is the new default behavior. If the unifi controller dies or restarts, the poller will also die. You must have something setup to restart. If you're using a package build you should be fine; systemd will restart it for you. Homebrew users are safe too! This is the intended behavior and it allows the poller to re-authenticate and continue working.
  • Fixed the site dashboard. All sites are now displayed correctly instead of only one.
  • Updates to UAP dashboard. Thanks @zunder1990 in #46
  • Adds client DPI stats to InfluxDB. (no graphs provided)
  • Fixes the UAP guest count. Dashboards fixes for this coming soon. (it was a tag instead of a field)
  • Better debug logging. Line numbers are accurate now.
  • Fixes the Homebrew formula so it has a SHA256 for the source file.
  • Changes the macOS log file location, again.
  • Updates to man file for new max_errors config option and previously-added -j cli option.

As always, feedback welcomed!

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