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Packages! Better run support.

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3 years ago

This release provides a new "package build" configuration. Basically, I've included scripts that will build a deb, rpm or macOS pkg. Building rpm and deb can happen on any architecture, but mac packages can only be built on a mac. The underlying build happens with fpm (of course!). The RPM package is untested, feedback welcomed.

Okay, so packages are cool. The code got a couple small improvements too. The flag package changed to spf13 which is newer and better, yada yada.

The major change, though, is around the running of the poller. Instead of bailing out on an error, it will continue to try batching points and will output the "final" update line to the log regardless of specific unmarshaling or batching errors. This may help with debugging or transient problems. We shall see.

All of the files attached to this release were built with the Makefile using this snippet:

git tag v1.1.1
make clean
make darwin ; mv unifi-poller unifi-poller.macos ; gzip -9 unifi-poller.macos
make linux ; mv unifi-poller unifi-poller.linux ; gzip -9 unifi-poller.linux
for i in deb rpm osxpkg; do make $i; done

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