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Bug Fixes for unmarhsalling JSON

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3 years ago

This release fixes a few bugs encountered when unmarhsalling the JSON reply from a Unifi controller. Apparently, Ubiquiti's engineers can't decide if a number belongs in quotes or not. Very strange JSON replies come in once in a while. At least three different JSON fields are identified that come through as a string or a number, and sometimes both. These are fixed. There are likely to be more out there, but these are what we've found so far.

This release also fixes a bug with unclosed http bodies, and provides slightly better error messages when fields fail to unmarshal.

Some fields/tags were moved around. It is highly recommended that you DELETE your Influx database for Unifi and re-create it. This is because previous versions of this application were storing time stamps as tags. Since tags have a roughly 10k value limit this was quickly causing InfluxDB to throw errors. The resulting database was slow and felt corrupt. This should be fixed now as well.

Changes can be viewed here: v0.2a...v0.2b

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