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pre-release8 months ago

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🚀 Enhancements

  • log level (#153)
  • Pass formatOptions and other options to reporters (d77286a)
  • Show stack trace with consola.trace (#151)

🩹 Fixes

  • Type consola instance with built-in type functions (1a4b893)
  • Default value for color format utils (ec9be78)
  • fancy: Show time and tag on right when width cannot be determined (#128)
  • Pass level from CONSOLA_LEVEL to the defaults (#129)
  • consola: Type defaults overrides generic defaults (d3d3c05)

💅 Refactors

  • Drop json and winston reporters (5af0e99)
  • Move all options to consola.options without duplication (2d31ef4)
  • Move spam logic into _lastLog object (cabd04f)
  • Remove global async option (edd1bb9)
  • types: Merge LogTypeLiteral and logtype types to LogType (da1bc73)
  • ⚠️ Move log levels and types to constants (514f5b3)
  • Use index.node.ts for main build (b92d23b)
  • Improve types and exports (b380d21)
  • Improve fancy reporter (bc90db8)
  • Revert back to dist/index.* for bw compatibility (98e300f)

📖 Documentation

  • Fix links to the source files (#172)

🏡 Chore

✅ Tests

🎨 Styles

  • Prefer object spread instead of Object.assign (c03268a)

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • ⚠️ Move log levels and types to constants (514f5b3)

❤️ Contributors

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