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pre-release8 months ago

Today consola is being downloaded more than 19M times per month and used by over 1,700 dependencies and 850K projects!! Thank you everyone for trusting and using Consola 🐨 ❤️

This is the first prerelease version for consola v3, with a new codebase, typescript rewrite, fewer dependencies (no more chalk and dayjs bundled), and first-class ESM support.

You can try this version by installing consola@3x and changing to named imports:

// ESM
import { consola } from "consola";

// CommonJS
const { consola } = require("consola");

Stay tuned for more features and enhancements and please report any issues you could find in this release.

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🚀 Enhancements

  • Default logLevel to 1 in test environments (#134)
  • Support literal for logLevels (#133)
  • Expose createConsola and named exports (ef6e5e5)

🔥 Performance

  • Switch from chalk to colorette (271b4db)
  • Remove dayjs dependency (d6a3776)

💅 Refactors

  • ⚠️ Rewrite consola with typescript (4479d2f)
  • Rename global to globalThis (bd03098)
  • utils: Rename global to globalThis (8c3ef77)
  • Strict typechecks (63bbd56)

🏡 Chore

  • Make example/index.js working (#110)
  • Add LICENSE (#121)
  • npm: Update repository to unjs orgnization (#125)
  • Add prerelease script (cfaba5e)
  • Hide rollup warn (5c3b7f1)
  • Ignore coverage (da557ac)
  • Update examples (e07e3ab)

⚠️ Breaking Changes

  • ⚠️ Rewrite consola with typescript (4479d2f)

❤️ Contributors

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