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18 months ago


  • brook echoserver: new command
  • brook echoclient: new command
  • brook markdown renamed to brook mdpage



  • Linux GUI Client
  • Edge is no longer needed. Temporarily no System tray.
  • Desktop tun mode supports bypass on
  • Hosts: like /etc/hosts
  • Log View Plus: filter condition
  • MITM Log View: HTTP/HTTPS request and response
  • Programmable: Everything is possible

GUI Documentation


  • brook echoserver: 新命令
  • brook echoclient: 新命令
  • brook markdown 重命名 brook mdpage



  • Linux 图形客户端
  • Edge 不再需要. 暂无 System tray.
  • 桌面 tun 模式支持 bypass 开启
  • Hosts, 就像 /etc/hosts
  • Log View Plus: 过滤条件
  • MITM Log View: HTTP/HTTPS 请求和响应日志
  • 可编程: 一切皆有可能

GUI 文档

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