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20 months ago


  • brook dns renamed to brook dnsserveroverbrook
  • brook dnsserver new subcommand
  • brook completion new subcommand
  • brook markdown new subcommand
  • brook manpage new subcommand


  • Capture me new feature: You can try to see if your packet capture tool can capture this standard HTTP request
  • MITM tentatively changed to strict address matching mode, and supports HTTP/2.0
  • When fake dns off, let it doesn't touch domain in dns
  • Will reset local cache
  • And other small changes
  • Removed from Google Play
  • Because of the seven continents and eight oceans, the rules required by different regions are not applicable. The default bypass and block and MITM rules are just samples, please change them according to your own situation

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  • brook dns 重命名为 brook dnsserveroverbrook
  • brook dnsserver 新子命令
  • brook completion 新的子命令
  • brook markdown 新的子命令
  • brook manpage 新的子命令


  • Capture me 新功能: 你可以试试你的抓包工具能不能捕获这个标准 HTTP 请求
  • MITM 暂定改为严格匹配模式,并支持 HTTP/2.0
  • 当 fake dns 关闭时,让它不触碰 dns 中的域名
  • 将重置本地缓存
  • 和其他小改动
  • 从 Google Play 中移除
  • 因为七大洲,八大洋,不同地区需要的规则不通。默认的 bypass 和 block 以及 MITM 规则只是示例,请根据自己的情况进行更改,参考这个

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