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Brook v20220501 Released 正式发布

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  • MITM: Modify HTTP1.1/HTTP2 requests and responses with custom scripts. Scripts give Brook infinite possibilities
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  • 可以查看日志
  • MITM: 使用自定义脚本修改HTTP1.1/HTTP2的请求和响应。脚本赋予了Brook 无限可能
  • Android 支持 bypass apps
  • iOS: 在 AppStore 搜索 Brook

Brook has been incubating for more than 2 years, and was open sourced in 2017, almost 8 years old. Brook changed its description from v20220501 to:

A cross-platform network tool designed for developers.

And this is the future growth direction of Brook.


Compared with products with full screen content at the beginning, prefer simple but powerful products. Brook tries to provide a simple but powerful commands, rules, and configurations, does not need to understand complex syntax, and tries not to create new syntax and new concepts. It's even that simple to use on a router.


Brook almost covers most of the network functions you need. At the same time, people who know programming can also write their own scripts. And since its development, the functions it provides are not only a network proxy tool, but also meet the needs of developers in various scenarios.

Cross-platform and Free

Brook provides a full platform CLI and GUI. We know that the network stack of each system itself is very different. Brook provides almost the same experience for all platforms. Features include almost all the features of similar free or paid products, and Brook is free on all platforms.

Peripheral tools

There are many other open source products and side projects around Brook. I believe they will provide different help to different students. It is believed that in the future development, the growth of Brook and its surrounding network tools will become a multi-functional and systematic network tool, and become a powerful tool for developers.

Brook 从孵化2年多,于2017年开源,差不多有8岁了。Brook 从 v20220501 开始更改其描述为:


并此为 Brook 未来的成长方向。


相比较开场满屏内容的产品,更偏爱简洁但强大的产品。Brook 从命令到规则和配置都尽量提供了简单的格式,不需要理解复杂语法,也尽量不去创造语法和新概念。甚至在路由器上使用都那么简单。




Brook 提供了全平台 CLI 和 GUI,我们知道各个系统本身的网络栈有很大差别,Brook 针对所有平台提供了几乎相同的体验。功能几乎包含了同类免费或收费产品的功能,并且 Brook 全平台免费。


围绕着 Brook 也产生很多其他开源产品和 Side Projects。相信她们都会对不同的同学提供不同的帮助。相信在未来的成长中,Brook 的成长及其周边的网络工具会成为多功能的系统性的网络工具,成为从事网络分析工作的同学的利器。


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