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2.7.2 (August 12, 2020)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where a Participant in a large Group Room sometimes gets inadvertently disconnected with a MediaServerRemoteDescFailedError. (JSDK-2893)

  • Fixed a bug where Room.getStats() returned stats for only one of the temporal layers of a VP8 simulcast VideoTrack. Now, you will have a LocalVideoTrackStats object for each temporal layer, which you can recognize by the trackId and trackSid properties. (JSDK-2920)

    async function getBytesSentOnLocalVideoTrack(room, trackSid) {
    const stats = await room.getStats();
    let totalBytesSent = 0;
    stats.forEach(stat => {
      totalBytesSent += stat.localVideoTrackStats
        .filter(localVideoTrackStats => trackSid === localVideoTrackStats.trackSid)
        .reduce((bytesSent, localVideoTrackStats) => bytesSent + localVideoTrackStats.bytesSent, 0);
    return totalBytesSent;


    • Added metrics about signaling server connections. This is internal change, and has no effect on the SDK API.
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