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2.5.0 (May 27, 2020)

New Features

  • The client now retries connection attempts when connect() is called and the signaling server is busy. The client may attempt one or more connection attempts with a server specified backoff period. If the client exceeds all attempts the CancelablePromise is rejected with a SignalingServerBusyError. The status of the signaling connection can now be monitored by passing an EventListener in ConnectOptions as shown in the code snippet below. Each event is documented here. (JSDK-2777)
  const { EventEmitter } = require('events');
  const { connect } = require('twilio-video');

  const sdkEvents = new EventEmitter();

  // Listen to events on the EventListener in order to monitor the status
   // of the connection to Twilio's signaling server.
  sdkEvents.on('event', event => {
    const { level, name } = event;
    if (name === 'waiting') {
      assert.equal(level, 'warning');
      console.warn('Twilio\'s signaling server is busy, so we wait a little while before trying again.');
    } else if (name === 'connecting') {
      assert.equal(level, 'info');
      console.log('Connecting to Twilio\'s signaling server.');
    } else if (name === 'open') {
      assert.equal(level, 'info');
      console.log('Connected to Twilio\'s signaling server, joining the Room now.');
    } else if (name === 'closed') {
      if (level === 'error') {
        const { payload: { reason } } = event;
        console.error('Connection to Twilio\'s signaling server abruptly closed:', reason);
      } else {
        console.log('Connection to Twilio\'s signaling server closed.');

  connect('token', { eventListener: sdkEvents }).then(room => {
    console.log('Joined the Room:',;
  }, error => {
    if (error.code === 53006) {
      console.error('Twilio\'s signaling server cannot accept connection requests at this time.');
  • Reduced connection times by acquiring RTCIceServers during the initial handshake with Twilio's signaling server rather than sending a HTTP POST request to a different endpoint. Because of this, the ConnectOptions properties abortOnIceServersTimeout and iceServersTimeout are no longer applicable, and they will be ignored. (JSDK-2676)

  • Reduced connection times by removing a round trip during the initial handshake with Twilio's signaling server. (JSDK-2777)

  • The CancelablePromise returned by connect() will now be rejected with a SignalingConnectionError if the underlying WebSocket connection to Twilio's signaling server is not open in 15 seconds. (JSDK-2684)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where isSupported was throwing an exception in a server-side rendering application. (JSDK-2818)
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the publishing of a LocalTrack very quickly after another LocalTrack was unpublished never completed. (JSDK-2769)
  • Fixed a bug in Room.getStats() where it did not return correct values for packetsLost, roundTripTime for LocalTracks. (JSDK-2755, JSDK-2780, JSDK-2787)
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