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2.0.0-beta15 (October 24, 2019)

New Features

  • twilio-video.js will now support the Unified Plan SDP format for Google Chrome. Google Chrome
    enabled Unified Plan as the default SDP format starting from version 72. In December 2018, we
    published an advisory recommending customers to upgrade to the latest versions of twilio-video.js in order to not be affected by Google Chrome switching to Unified Plan starting from version 72. The way we ensured support of newer versions of Google Chrome in the versions of twilio-video.js released between December 2018 and now was by overriding the default SDP format to Plan B. Starting with this version, twilio-video.js will use Unified Plan where available, while also maintaining support for earlier browser versions with Plan B as the default SDP format. (JSDK-2312)


Since Unified Plan SDPs are usually larger than Plan B SDPs, this will lead to some increased signaling
traffic whenever Participants join/leave a Room or publish/unpublish Tracks. Our load tests using Group
Rooms with 35+ Participants revealed between 45% to 160% increase in peak signaling traffic. We did not
notice any significant change in the media traffic. We also noticed about a 20% increase in peak CPU usage,
which may be partly due to the browser having to process the larger Unified Plan SDPs. Please reach out to to report any issues you may experience while adopting
this release.

  • Worked around a bug in Chrome and Safari where browser continued to play WebRTC-based MediaStreamTrack even after corresponding audio element was removed from the DOM. With this fix twilio-video.js now disables any RemoteMediaTrack when it's not attached to any media elements. (JSDK-2490)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Video.isSupported evaluated to true on Chromium-based Edge browser,
    even though twilio-video.js does not support it at this moment. (JSDK-2515)
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