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2.0.0-beta13 (August 29, 2019)

New Features

  • You can now enable DSCP tagging for media packets by setting a new ConnectOptions property enableDscp to true. DSCP tagging allows you to request enhanced QoS treatment for media packets from any firewall/routers that support this feature. Setting this option to true will request DSCP tagging for media packets on supported browsers (only Chrome supports this as of now). Audio packets will be sent with DSCP header value set to 0xb8 which corresponds to EF = Expedited Forwarding. Video packets will be sent with DSCP header value set to 0x88 which corresponds to AF41 = Assured Forwarding. (JSDK-2456)
  const { connect } = require('twilio-video');
  const room = await connect(token, {
    enableDscp: true
  • The ConnectOptions flag dscpTagging which was introduced in 1.19.0 has now been renamed to enableDscp. Using the old name still works, but is deprecated and scheduled for removal. (JSDK-2492)

  • Setting bandwidth limits for media using LocalParticipant.setParameters() will now no longer require a round of negotiation with the remote peer and will take effect instantaneously. (JSDK-2460)

Bug Fixes

  • Worked around a minor interop issue between Chrome/Safari Participants and Firefox 68+ Participants in a Peer-to-Peer Room. Although this issue does no affect the normal functioning of the Room, it resulted in the Chrome/Safari Participants logging cryptic Error messages to the JavaScript console. Now, twilio-video.js will log warning messages until Chrome (bug) and Safari fix this issue. (JSDK-2412)
  • Fixed a bug where connecting to a Room with a region containing special characters in ConnectOptions failed with an Error other than SignalingConnectionError. (JSDK-2400)
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