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1.7.0 (January 9, 2018)

New Features

  • Added VP8 simulcast support for Chrome. VP8 simulcast can be enabled in Chrome
    using the preferredVideoCodecs property in ConnectOptions. For example,
  connect(token, {
    preferredVideoCodecs: [
      { codec: 'VP8', simulcast: true }

We recommend you only enable this setting in Group Rooms.

  • By default, when you connect to a Group Room, you subscribe to all
    RemoteParticipants' Tracks. However, sometimes your device may lack the codec
    required to decode a particular Track. For example, an H.264-only Safari
    Participant would be unable to decode a VP8 VideoTrack. In these cases, we now
    raise a new event, "trackSubscriptionFailed", on the RemoteParticipant who
    published the Track you could not subscribe to. For example, the following
  room.on('participantConnected', handleParticipant);

  function handleParticipant(participant) {
    participant.on('trackSubscriptionFailed', (error, trackPublication) =>
      console.warn('Failed to subscribe to RemoteTrack %s with name "%s": %s',
        trackPublication.trackSid, trackPublication.trackName, error.message)));

will log something like

Failed to subscribe to RemoteTrack MTxxx with name "123": No codec supported

to the console. twilio-video.js will also log these warnings by default.
Please refer to the API docs for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak in an internal dependency, SIP.js.
latest releases: 2.13.0-rc5, 2.13.0-rc4, 2.13.0-rc3...
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