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1.6.1 (December 12, 2017)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where, if you published a LocalDataTrack, unpublished it, and then
    published it again, you would be unable to send data over it again.
  • We've worked around a long-standing issue with Firefox's RTCIceTransport
    behavior that required you to always add a LocalAudioTrack. You should now be
    able to connect to Rooms with, for example, only a LocalVideoTrack, only a
    LocalDataTrack, or no LocalTracks at all.
  • Binary RemoteDataTrack messages received in Firefox arrived as Blobs instead
    of ArrayBuffers (as in Chrome and Safari). We now set the underlying
    RTCDataChannel's binaryType to "arraybuffer" in order to ensure consistent
    behavior across browsers. (JSDK-1627)
  • We always stringify names passed via LocalTrackOptions now. (JSDK-1565)
  • Added a workaround for WebRTC
    Issue 8329. This
    issue caused Track failures in Chrome whenever participating in Rooms from a
    device that supported duplicate codecs (for example, H.264 at two different
    profile levels). (JSDK-1645)
  • Fixed some code that could lead to a renegotiation loop in Firefox.
  • Fixed a memory leak in an internal class, PeerConnectionV2.
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