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1.2.0 (July 21, 2017)

New Features

  • Video Insights can be enabled or disabled by setting insights to true or
    false in the ConnectOptions. insights defaults to true. We recommend to
    leave Video Insights enabled in order to aid troubleshooting.

Bug Fixes

  • Added some missing documentation to ConnectOptions and
    CreateLocalTracksOptions. Both options objects accept audio and video
    properties which may be set to a boolean or
    We added this to the documentation. (JSDK-1365)
  • Fixed a bug where twilio-video.js would continue polling for configuration
    data, despite being disconnected from a Room and despite the Access Token
    having expired. (JSDK-1407)
latest releases: 2.13.0-rc3, 2.13.0-rc2, 2.13.0-rc1...
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