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1.18.2 (July 1, 2019)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where in a Peer-to-Peer Room, a Firefox Participant's AudioTrack was not audible to a Chrome or Safari Participant if the Firefox Participant was the first to join the Room. (JSDK-2410)
  • Fixed a bug where Participants in a Group or Small Group Room stopped receiving Dominant Speaker and Network Quality updates when the media server recovered from a failover. (JSDK-2307)

Developer Notes

  • On October 12, 2018, the specification for the JavaScript Session Establishment Protocol (JSEP) was updated to remove MediaStreamTrack IDs from Unified Plan SDPs (Media Session Descriptions). twilio-video.js depends on MediaStreamTrack IDs to map WebRTC MediaStreamTracks to the corresponding RemoteAudioTracks and RemoteVideoTracks. With this release of twilio-video.js, we have added support for the updated JSEP specification for Firefox and Safari (twilio-video.js uses Plan B SDPs on Chrome). We highly recommend that you upgrade to this version so your application continues to work on Firefox and Safari even after they support the updated JSEP specification. We will provide a detailed advisory once we have more information about when they are planning to support the updated JSEP specification. (JSDK-2383)
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