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1.15.0 (January 11, 2019)

New Features

  • Room.getStats on Firefox will now consume the spec-compliant RTCIceCandidateStats
    available in versions 65 and above. (JSDK-2235)
  • Participants will now be able to stay in the Room and recover their media
    connections if the media server becomes unresponsive, instead of being
    disconnected. (JSDK-2245)
  • Room.getStats is now supported on Safari 12.1 and above. It is not supported
    on Safari 12.0 and below due to this Safari bug.
    We have updated the documentation to reflect this behavior. (JSDK-2201)
  • Room.getStats on Chrome now uses the WebRTC 1.0 compliant version of the
    RTCPeerConnection's getStats API. (JSDK-2182)
  • Worked around Firefox 63's deprecation
    of the isRemote property in RTCInboundRTPStreamStats and RTCOutboundRTPStreamStats. (JSDK-2222)
latest releases: 2.13.0-rc3, 2.13.0-rc2, 2.13.0-rc1...
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