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1.12.0 (July 25, 2018)


The following 1.x APIs/events are now deprecated and scheduled for removal
in twilio-video.js@2.0.0:

  • Participant's "trackAdded" and "trackRemoved" events
  • RemoteTrack's id property
  • RemoteTrack's isSubscribed property
  • RemoteTrack's "unsubscribed" event

Please refer to the migration guide below for handling these deprecations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where publishing a LocalVideoTrack with VP8 simulcast enabled
    caused Chrome to crash. (JSDK-2032)
  • Fixed a bug where we used deprecated getStats APIs in Firefox. (JSDK-1227)

Migration Guide

Migrating from Participant's "trackAdded" and "trackRemoved" events

  • On the LocalParticipant, these events indicated that a LocalTrack has been
    scheduled to be added to or removed from a Room. Since calling
    publishTrack or unpublishTrack conveys the same information, we have
    deprecated these events.
  • On the RemoteParticipant, you can use "trackSubscribed" and "trackUnsubscribed"
    events as drop-in replacements:
  participant.on('trackSubscribed', track => {
    console.log(`Subscribed to a RemoteTrack: ${track}`);

  participant.on('trackUnsubscribed', track => {
    console.log(`Unsubscribed from a RemoteTrack: ${track}`);

Migrating from RemoteTrack's deprecated properties and events

  • Instead of the RemoteTrack's id property, use its sid or name property.
  • Instead of the RemoteTrack's isSubscribed property, use the corresponding
    RemoteTrackPublication's isSubscribed property.
  • Instead of listening to the RemoteTrack's "unsubscribed" event, listen to
    the corresponding RemoteTrackPublication's "unsubscribed" event:
  publication.on('unsubscribed', track => {
    console.log(`Unsubscribed from a RemoteTrack: ${track}`);
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