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1.10.0 (May 30, 2018)

New Features

  • A RemoteParticipant now maintains a collection of RemoteTrackPublications in a
    new .trackPublications property. It also maintains kind-specific
    RemoteTrackPublication collections (.audioTrackPublications,
    .dataTrackPublications and .videoTrackPublications). A "trackPublished"
    event is emitted on the RemoteParticipant (and subsequently on the Room) whenever
    a Track is published. A "trackUnpublished" event is emitted on the RemoteParticipant
    whenever a Track is unpublished. (JSDK-1438)
  participant.on('trackPublished', publication => {
    console.log('A new Track was published!', publication);
    assert.equal(participant.trackPublications.get(publication.trackSid), publication);

  participant.on('trackUnpublished', publication => {
    console.log('A new Track was unpublished!', publication);
  • Added trackSid to TrackStats, so now, when you call getStats on a Room,
    the TrackStats will include Track SIDs for local and remote Tracks.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that cause remoteAudioTrackStats and remoteVideoTrackStats to
    always be empty Arrays in Firefox. (JSDK-1927)
  • LogLevel was accidentally omitted from the API docs. (JSDK-1701)

RemoteTrackPublication Guide

A RemoteTrackPublication represents a Track that was published to the Room by
a RemoteParticipant.

publication.on('subscribed', track => {
  console.log('Subscribed to Track', track);
  assert.equal(publication.isSubscribed, true);
  assert.equal(publication.track, track);

publication.on('subscriptionFailed', error => {
  console.error('Subscription failed', error);
  assert.equal(publication.isSubscribed, false);
  assert.equal(publication.track, null);

publication.on('trackDisabled', () => {
  console.log('Track disabled');
  assert.equal(publication.isTrackEnabled, false);

publication.on('trackEnabled', () => {
  console.log('Track enabled');
  assert.equal(publication.isTrackEnabled, true);

publication.on('unsubscribed', track => {
  console.log('Unsubscribed from Track', track);
  assert.equal(publication.isSubscribed, false);
  assert.equal(publication.track, null);
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