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1.1.0 (July 12, 2017)

New Features

  • You can now call the LocalParticipant's removeTracks method with an
    optional second boolean argument stop to specify whether the removed
    LocalTacks should be stopped. If stop is not specified, then the removed
    LocalTracks will be stopped. This mirrors the behavior of the LocalParticicipant's
    removeTrack method.
  // Stops the removed LocalTracks
  localParticipant.removeTracks(tracks, true);
  // Does not stop the removed LocalTracks
  localParticipant.removeTracks(tracks, false);

Bug Fixes

  • twilio-video.js can now be used alongside adapter.js. twilio-video.js checks
    whether or not an RTCPeerConnection implementation supports the "track" event
    by checking for an ontrack property on the RTCPeerConnection. adapter.js
    sets this property; however it only dispatches "track" events if a function
    is assigned to the ontrack property, meaning that event handlers attached
    with addEventListener will never fire. We now work around this issue by
    assigning a function to ontrack.
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