github twilio/twilio-video.js 0.13.3

0.13.3 (January 21, 2016)

New Features

  • The LocalMedia removeCamera and removeMicrophone methods now accept an
    optional stop parameter, similar to removeStream and removeTrack.

Bug Fixes

  • Silenced an "Uncaught (in promise)" error in the browser console when Clients
    either rejected an IncomingInvite or canceled an OutgoingInvite (JSDK-420)
  • Fixed a bug where calling reject on an IncomingInvite to a multi-party
    Conversation would not notify each Participant that the Client had rejected
  • Fixed a bug where calling removeStream or removeTrack on a LocalMedia
    object would not stop the Track (JSDK-443)
  • Fixed a bug where the isEnded property of a Track was always false, even
    after calling stop (JSDK-444)
latest releases: 2.13.0-rc3, 2.13.0-rc2, 2.13.0-rc1...
3 years ago