github twbs/bootstrap v4.5.3


  • #31653: Add a comment to our escape-svg function to note that data URIs must be quoted.
  • #31693: Use the custom-control shadow variable instead of the generic input-focus-box-shadow.
  • #31793: Backport some v5 changes (improved th styling in Reboot, custom form field styling when printing, and improvements to .text-break).
    • #29714: Keep custom check, radio, and switch theme when printing.
    • #30781: Reboot's th updates: Inherit font-weight: bold that comes from user agent stylesheets.
    • #30932: .text-break changes to drop overflow-wrap and use word-wrap once again
    • #31754: Improve versions page rendering (also reversed the order while I was here)
  • #31846: Backports the z-index change to .close buttons in dismissible .alerts.


  • #31000: Avoid multiple change event trigger in buttons plugin. Not applicable to v5 since our button JS plugin has been mostly replaced with pure CSS.
  • #31673: Fix dropdown variable always evaluating to true.
  • #31696: Ensure can be prevented.
  • #31718: Backports new $dropdown-padding-x variable from v5.


  • #30811: Mention GPU acceleration fix in docs callout for popovers. Doesn't apply to v5 since we're updating to Popper v2.
  • #30838: Explain the dispose method more appropriately.
  • #31706: Backports updated margins for code snippets for improved readability.
  • #31769: Backports JS bundle guidance from v5.
  • #31851: Backports mention of missing to and nextwhenvisible methods.


  • #31297: Switch to xo ESLint config
  • Updated devDependencies versions
latest releases: v5.0.1, v5.0.0, v5.0.0-beta3...
8 months ago