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Telebot V2.2

For this release, aside from Bot API implementation, we've prepared many new useful features.


  • Completed Webhook, Games, Stickers and Payments APIs
  • Synchronous mode and serverless support (#219)
  • Keyboard constructors (#290)
  • Special ChatID recipient type (#263)


Now it's possible to use telebot together with serverless providers like AWS, Azure, etc... Thanks to one of the package's contributors, you can check out the exhaustive example in examples/awslambdaechobot.

pref := tb.Settings{
    Token:       "",
    Synchronous: true,
b, err := tb.NewBot(pref)
// ...

Keyboard constructors

Use special helper functions and types to decrease boilerplate across the code. The new keyboards builder make their definition easier. Look into updated README Keyboards section for details.

menu := &ReplyMarkup{ResizeReplyKeyboard: true}

var (
    // Reply buttons.
    btnHelp     = menu.Text("ℹ Help")
    btnSettings = menu.Text("⚙ Settings")


b.Handle(&btnHelp, func(m *tb.Message) {...})
b.Handle(&btnSettings, func(m *tb.Message) {...})

ChatID type

It was a bit confusing to work with specific chat IDs. You had to wrap integer into &tb.Chat{} every time you wanted to send a message. Imagine you have a config file with a bunch of defined group or channel IDs. Now you can use your int64 values directly with functions which accept Recipient interface.

type Config struct {
    AdminGroup tb.ChatID `yaml:"admin_group_id"`
    AdsChannel tb.ChatID `yaml:"ads_channel_id"`

b.Send(conf.AdminGroup, "message")
b.Send(conf.AdsChannel, "message")


  • Added OnAnimation endpoint
  • Fixed regular expression for errors handling
  • Action fields were removed from Buttons
  • b.Forward() changed to take Editable instead of *Message
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