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lnav v0.12.1


  • Database queries can now be written in
    PRQL. When executing a query with ;,
    if the query starts with from, it will be treated as PRQL.
    The pipeline structure of PRQL queries is more desirable for
    interactive use since lnav can make better suggestions and
    show previews of the stages of the pipeline.
  • Log partitions can automatically be created by defining a log
    message pattern in a log format. Under a format definition,
    add an entry into the "partitions" object in a format definition.
    The "pattern" property specifies the regular expression to match
    against a line in a file that matches the format. If a match is
    found, the partition name will be set to the value(s) captured
    by the regex. To restrict matches to certain files, you can add
    a "paths" array whose object elements contain a "glob" property
    that will be matched against file names.

Interface changes:

  • When using PRQL in the database query prompt (;),
    the preview pane will show the results for the pipeline
    stage the cursor is within along with the results of
    the previous stage (if there is one). The preview
    works on a limited data set, so the preview results
    may differ from the final results.
  • Changed the breadcrumb bar styling to space things out
    more and make the divisions between items clearer.
  • The ESC key can now be used to exit the files/filters
    configuration panel instead of q. This should make
    it easier to avoid accidentally exiting lnav.
  • Added some default help text for the command prompt.
  • Suggestions are now shown for some commands and can
    be accepted by pressing the right arrow key. For
    example, after typing in :filter-in the current
    search term for the view will be suggested (if
    one is active).
  • The focused line should be preserved more reliably in
    the LOG/TEXT views.
  • In the LOG view, the current partition name (as set
    with the :partition-name command) is shown as the
    first breadcrumb in the breadcrumb bar. And, when
    that breadcrumb is selected, you can select another
    partition to jump to.
  • The { / } hotkeys, :next-section, and :prev-section
    commands now work in the LOG view and take you to the
    next/previous partition.
  • The DB view now defaults to not showing bar charts.

Breaking changes:

  • Many of the lesser used column in the log format tables
    (e.g. log_tags) have been moved to after the columns
    defined by the format. These columns are usually NULL
    and are a distraction when previewing queries.

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