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6 days ago


This release eliminates the need to go through previous ACL migration versions (v0.98.0 and up)
Migrations can be performed from this version instead

🆕 What's new:

  • Improved Import experience
  • UGC prepare configurable max file size and produce time (#5969)
  • Migrations: Revert remove ACL migration (#5942)
  • Merge API response - remove summary field (#5115)
  • Split and publish lakefs duckdb build and images (#5985)

🐛 Bugs fixed:

  • GC: Read provided mark ID's run id in case that the run is a sweep-only run (#5936)
  • Avoid panics after errors in log-commits (#5956)
  • Fix extended stats user id report (#5970)
  • Fix branch truncation in object viewer (#5982)

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