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Uppy 4.0.0-beta.12

latest releases: uppy@4.0.5, @uppy/xhr-upload@4.0.2, @uppy/aws-s3@4.0.1...
pre-releaseone month ago
Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3 4.0.0-beta.7 @uppy/locales 4.0.0-beta.4
@uppy/box 3.0.0-beta.7 @uppy/onedrive 4.0.0-beta.7
@uppy/companion 5.0.0-beta.10 @uppy/provider-views 4.0.0-beta.9
@uppy/core 4.0.0-beta.10 @uppy/react 4.0.0-beta.7
@uppy/dashboard 4.0.0-beta.10 @uppy/remote-sources 2.0.0-beta.5
@uppy/dropbox 4.0.0-beta.8 @uppy/transloadit 4.0.0-beta.9
@uppy/google-drive 3.6.0-beta.1 uppy 4.0.0-beta.12
@uppy/google-photos 0.2.0-beta.1
  • meta: ignore require-default-props lint rule for function components (Antoine du Hamel / #5253)
  • @uppy/provider-views: Renames & eslint-disable react/require-default-props removal (Evgenia Karunus / #5251)
  • @uppy/companion: coalesce options bucket and getKey (Mikael Finstad / #5169)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: add endpoint option (Antoine du Hamel / #5173)
  • @uppy/locales: fix fa_IR export (Merlijn Vos / #5241)
  • @uppy/companion: improve companion logging (Mikael Finstad / #5250)
  • @uppy/transloadit: also fix outdated assembly transloadit:result (Merlijn Vos / #5246)
  • docs: fix typo in the url (Evgenia Karunus)
  • examples,@uppy/locales,@uppy/provider-views,@uppy/transloadit: Release: uppy@3.26.1 (github-actions[bot] / #5242)
  • meta: Improve aws-node example readme (Artur Paikin / #4753)
  • @uppy/locales: Added translation string (it_IT) (Samuel / #5237)
  • @uppy/transloadit: fix transloadit:result event (Merlijn Vos / #5231)
  • @uppy/provider-views: fix wrong font for files (Merlijn Vos / #5234)

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