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Uppy 2.13.7 (Maintenance)

latest releases: uppy@4.0.5, @uppy/xhr-upload@4.0.2, @uppy/aws-s3@4.0.1...
21 months ago
Package Version Package Version
@uppy/angular 0.3.3 @uppy/tus 2.4.5
@uppy/aws-s3 2.2.3 uppy 2.13.7
@uppy/golden-retriever 2.1.3
  • @uppy/core: do not crash if a file is removed before the upload starts (Antoine du Hamel / #4148)
  • @uppy/xhr-upload: fix Timed out waiting for socket (Antoine du Hamel / #4150)
  • @uppy/golden-retriever: Fix retry upload with Golden Retriever (Merlijn Vos / #4155)
  • @uppy/aws-s3: fix Cannot mark a queued request as done in MiniXHRUpload (Antoine du Hamel / #4151)
  • @uppy/angular: remove unnecessary console.log call (Antoine du Hamel / #4139)

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