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Uppy 2.13.3 (Maintenance)

latest releases: uppy@4.0.5, @uppy/xhr-upload@4.0.2, @uppy/aws-s3@4.0.1...
23 months ago
Package Version Package Version
@uppy/aws-s3-multipart 2.4.2 @uppy/robodog 2.9.3
@uppy/compressor 0.3.2 uppy 2.13.3
@uppy/utils 4.1.1

This release marks the transition of Uppy 2.x to maintenance mode. The team is
now focused on working Uppy 3.0.0 releases, and plan to not land any new feature
on the 2.x release line. We are committed on backporting bug fixes that affects
the deprecated Robodog package and its dependencies for at least one year, we
encourage Robodog users to migrate away from Robodog to Uppy plugins.

  • @uppy/aws-s3-multipart: Fix race condition in #uploadParts (Morgan Zolob / #3955)
  • meta: fork branch in preparation for LTS (Antoine du Hamel)
  • @uppy/aws-s3-multipart: ignore exception inside abortMultipartUpload (Antoine du Hamel / #3950)
  • @uppy/utils: modernize getDroppedFiles (Antoine du Hamel / #3534)
  • @uppy/compressor: Fix Compressor being broken when no name is in the compressed blob (Artur Paikin / #3947)
  • e2e: mark tests as flaky (Antoine du Hamel / #3940)

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