github traefik/traefik v2.3.2

Bug fixes:

  • [acme] fix: restrict protocol for TLS Challenge. (#7400 by ldez)
  • [acme] fix: use provider keytype instead of account keytype. (#7387 by mmatur)
  • [acme] acme: Fix race condition in LocalStore during saving. (#7355 by walkline)
  • [plugins] fix: update Yaegi to v0.9.4 (#7426 by ldez)
  • [udp] fix: udp json struct tag (#7375 by mschneider82)


  • [consulcatalog] fix: Consul Catalog address documentation. (#7429 by ldez)
  • [middleware] Moving Provider Namespace documentation topic to Configuration Discovery section (#7423 by AndrewSav)
  • [pilot] fix: pilot static configuration documentation (#7399 by jbdoumenjou)
  • [plugins] Revise Traefik Pilot documentation section (#7427 by PCM2)
  • [tls] Adding details about the default TLS options to the documentation (#7422 by AndrewSav)
  • doc: add YAML sample. (#7397 by ldez)
  • Fix containous links in readme (#7394 by kevinpollet)
  • Fix broken logo (#7390 by Bencey)
latest releases: v2.3.4, v2.3.3
one month ago