github traefik/traefik v2.2.2

Bug fixes:

  • [acme] Update go-acme/lego to v3.8.0 (#6988 by ldez)
  • [acme] Fix triggering multiple concurrent requests to ACME (#6939 by ddtmachado)
  • [acme] Update go-acme/lego to v3.7.0 (#6792 by ldez)
  • [acme] added required quotes to domains config (#6867 by tompson)
  • [authentication,logs,middleware] Provide username in log data on auth failure (#6827 by rtribotte)
  • [docker] Use specified network for "container" network mode (#6763 by bjeanes)
  • [k8s,k8s/crd] Remove checkStringQuoteValidity in loadIngressRouteConf (#6775 by fefe982)
  • [middleware,websocket] Fix wss in x-forwarded-proto (#6752 by juliens)
  • [middleware] internal handlers: support for response modifiers (#6750 by mpl)
  • [middleware] Fix ipv6 handling in redirect middleware (#6902 by rtribotte)
  • [middleware] refactor X-Forwarded-Proto (#6863 by jcgruenhage)
  • [provider] Fix race condition issues with provided dynamic configuration (#6979 by kevinpollet)
  • [rules,server,tls] Disable domain fronting (#7008 by rtribotte)
  • [udp] Fix mem leak on UDP connections (#6815 by ddtmachado)
  • [udp] Avoid overwriting already received UDP messages (#6797 by cbachert)
  • [webui] Add missing accessControlAllowOrigin list to middleware view (#6747 by barthez)


  • [acme] Fix doc url for Aurora DNS provider (#6899 by rtribotte)
  • [acme] Fix typo (#6817 by juliocc)
  • [acme] fix certResolver typo (#6983 by DavidBadura)
  • [acme] Fix statement about lego _FILE env var (#6964 by solvaholic)
  • [acme] Improve acme CLI options in Let's Encrypt documentation (#6762 by netoax)
  • [docker] fix a broken link on Docker plugins documentation (#6908 by jbdoumenjou)
  • [docker] Fix healthcheck.interval in docs (#6847 by OndrejIT)
  • [k8s,k8s/ingress] Remove redundant paragraph in Kubernetes ingress documentation (#6806 by lpfann)
  • [k8s,k8s/ingress] Fix sticky cookie ingress annotation doc (#6938 by rtribotte)
  • [k8s] fixing typo in Provider KubernetesIngress at Routing documentation (#6845 by sw360cab)
  • [k8s] Update (#6878 by rherrick)
  • [logs] Fixed incorrect logging parameter in documentation (#6819 by cplewnia)
  • [logs] Use "headers" instead of "header" in access log docs (#6836 by bradjones1)
  • [middleware,k8s/crd] Fix Headers middleware documentation, usage of proper bool (#6928 by rtribotte)
  • [middleware] Improve redirectScheme documentation (#6769 by dtomcej)
  • [middleware] Update (#6967 by vitalets)
  • Update Dashboard examples and move it after 'Router Rule' section (#6874 by ddtmachado)
  • Fix log field names in documentation (#6952 by gysel)
  • Minor fix to Go templating documentation (#6977 by PCM2)
  • Add rtribotte to maintainers (#6936 by emilevauge)
  • Update Copyright (#6795 by mmatur)
  • fix: dead link. (#6876 by ldez)
  • Fix v1-> v2 migration: unify domain name in documentation example (#6904 by sinacek)
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