github tomvita/EdiZon-SE 3.8.16
sysmodule manager

Many users have too many sysmodules running causing system stability problem for them.
This version included sysmodule manager ported from hekate toolbox and extended to list all sysmodules including those without
toolbox.json file, such sysmodule will be named according to the title id and mark as required reboot. You can edit the toolbox.json
file created by EdiZon SE to get a better name and test the sysmodule to see if it really requires reboot.

Added two optional module in the zip. Now Noexs sysmodule and profile forwarder is included (they are disabled by default, use sysmodule manager to enable them).

Profile forwarder let you launch edizon se using profile which saves a few seconds from needing to launch hbmenu.

Noexs sysmodule let you do dump for PC pointer searching over wifi.
Press A to toggle sysmodule.

latest releases: 3.8.18, 3.8.17
2 months ago